Some Common Memory Boosting Tips

This post is dedicated on boosting memory tips. While everyone knows about memory supplements, but it would be nice to know that there are few more other things which are required to be involved, to enhance existing memory power.

• Working with both the hands. Usually we encourage them to use only one hand, either right or left for doing things. If we could encourage them to use both the hands alternatively or simultaneously as a practice daily for sometime in writing, lifting things, drawing or any other activity, instead of depending on one hand would result in excellent mind power.

• Involving them in learning new crafts & skills, language, reading different kinds of books which are out of their normal activities is a wonderful technique which increases their memory capacity levels very well.

• One of the best techniques available for us to know is about mind mapping. In this method thoughts and ideas generated are organized to get clarity in doing things and helps in removing clusters of useless thoughts or ideas. Then, how it can be done? Through matching of diagram of thoughts. This is an easy tool for organization of thoughts. Brainstorming, studying and memorizing things, listing things in sequence are mind mapping practices.

In some research, it was came to know that Children who are exposed to new and different kinds of methodology in doing tasks are prone to have high power of intelligence. Parents should make involve them in such activities at least few times in a week whenever you find children tired of doing routine things which they feel bored.

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