Green Coffee Bean Extract: Some Insights

NOTE: This article was created for those who get into the trap of mushrooming green coffee websites and end up buying a green coffee bean product which is of low quality and even risk their credit card details exposed to such websites.

With growing popularity of Green Coffee Bean Extract, the number of complaints are also growing. I wrote an article on a guest blog earlier on green coffee extract back in November 2012, but i had to come out with new review because of the number of complaints associated with green coffee beans.

What’s the problem with Green Coffee Extract websites?

Any business which gets overnight popularity creates its side effects too. With Green coffee extracts becoming popular, over 30 new sites selling green coffee bean extract have evolved between November to December 2012. Many of those sites were temporary and were selling cheap sub-standard products which vanished after making profits or came up with new websites with different names. Popular sites like which made millions by selling sub-standard green coffee bean extract abandoned that website (might have come up with new website name after number of complaints).

My guest post on green coffee extract which was ranking high on google caught the attention of many. On November 23rd (2012 ) , i got an email to write a fake positive review so as to promote I took a screenshot of the email soon to publish in my blog, but i could not come up with it due to some work related reasons. The screenshot of the email took on November 24th (2012) is below: (click image once to enlarge, click again to close it)

So this is how the current day marketing works. They offer incentives to write fake reviews so that their million dollar business could grow.

In my guest article, i recommended 2 green coffee extract websites based on reviews from users in various health forums. However, it now seems that the number 1 ranking has gone slow in processing orders (might be because they now supply even outside United States). So, the rankings are now reversed, the new rankings are:

1) greencoffeepure

Features: fast delivery, exceptional quality, got 33% votes by users in comparative analysis of 5 best green coffee extract providing websites (as of voting conducted during December 2012). Visit Official Site of this provider.

2) authenticgreencoffee

Features: exceptional quality (though delivery process has slowed down), got 37% votes by users in comparative analysis of 5 best green coffee extract providing websites (as of voting conducted during December 2012). Visit Official site of this provider.

Although the site listed as number 1 above has 4% less votes but when quality of both (1 and 2) are same, then delivery time does makes a difference.

The readers are recommended to please leave their feedback based on their experience with green bean coffee products, so that any new important updates can be integrated into article for enlarged benefits.

UPDATE (July 2013): The prices for green coffee bean extract has been slashed off at  greencoffeepure.

Download PDF file on How to get the most out of Green Coffee Beans.Pdf