Fat Loss Factor Review and Insights

Fat loss factor by Dr. Charles Livingston is one of the major fat loss products today. It offers a 12 week training for losing fat. There are separate modules inside the 12 week plan. The product also comes with several other modules comprising of video tutorials for cleansing the body, workouts for advanced and beginners, diet plans and software to track progress.

The fat loss factor comprises of simple exercises and diet plans to increase metabolism. It also indicates myths about various types of diets which are otherwise considered beneficial for weight loss.

The reason for increased popularity of this product is that it focuses on all dimensions and is not something that would need extreme parameters. It is a program which is doable and convenient. It is systematic and moves from detoxification to workouts along with diets, plans, precautions and some complementary software and products. I will be adding more on this topic later, stay tuned for further review on fat loss factor.

UPDATE 1 (Nov 11 2012): Fat loss factor has outranked all diet programs in clickbank platform with gravity score of 250+ .

Official Site: http://fatlossfactor.com

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