The latest trends in online marketing

If you are unsure of the latest trends in online marketing, then you are leaving a lot of money on the table. To make money and profits online, you will have to be well aware of what is going online.

Over the last few years, and particularly since the advent of Hummingbird, I’ve noticed Google becoming more nuanced about the content it ranks, even for queries where they don’t have lots of data on what users click, what they engage with, what they ignore, and their behavioral habits around a search (related searches, usage patterns before/after the query, etc.).

A recent study showed that image posts receive 120-180% more engagement than text based posts, suggesting that visual digital marketing tactics are increasingly important in a company’s marketing strategy.

Image based content started to gain traction through the rise of the smart phone camera, as more and more people started to share their everyday images on their social networks. The popularity of image based content saw the creation of purely image based social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram.

In a video on YouTube, Google’s Matt Cutts explained how Google evaluates new ranking algorithms:

  1. They test the new algorithm offline. Search quality raters compare the new results to the old results.
  2. If the first test is passed, the new algorithm is tested with a subset of real live searchers. If the new results get a higher click rate, the search quality launch committee has the ultimate say on if the algorithm goes live to the public or not.

So this is latest on the current trends, stay tuned for more updates